In the Financial Services Cloud Administrator Guide Data Model Overview, the ERD has a legend of:

  • Custom Object
  • Standard Object
  • BPO

with maybe half the objects shown marked as "BPO". In a trial org these objects appear in the Lightning "Object Manager" just as Standard Objects do i.e. with no namespace prefix and no __c suffix. They also appear in a new "Financial Services" section in the Classic Setup.

What is a "BPO"?

(My guess was “Business Process Object". Not too sure what enables them in an org; they're present in an FSC trial. Just a category of "Standard Objects"?)


BPOs means "Base Platform Object".

For what I have gathered over the years in the internets and conferences and videos and from a lot of other places about BPOs is

WARNING: This is my opinion and deductions (based on my may years of SF Experience. It's not information from salesforce This information is given as-is, any use of it is responsability of the subject using it.

  • It's an old denomination of Standard Object
  • It was what it was (not extensible in like no triggers,...)
  • Sometimes "Base platform" is used for all the base functionality needed for A platform to run (login, user management, Attachments, notes, security, sharing, history, ....)
  • sometimes for packages is used as "the part of the package that salesforce manages" Meaning for example a CPQ package will use Opportunity and Quote objects, but they don't manage them, simply uses them.

Hoping this help.

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  • Thanks Pablo - makes sense. – Keith C Sep 23 '19 at 8:34

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