Rather than relying on the user to click the "Refresh Prices" button, is there a way that Admins can force a "Mass Refresh Prices" on older quotes? We need to insert the new list price, because our integration sends the discount AMT, and we CALCULATE the discount amount, so we need to recalc the discount AMT based on a refreshed list price. Any ideas? We cannot rely on the users to use the button.

  • I haven't had time to test it, but it looks like CPQ has a class called SBQQ.RefreshQuotePricesController that has a global method called onRefreshList that takes a list of Ids. I wonder if you can call that method, passing in a list of quote ids to refresh. – Daniel Hoechst Sep 18 '19 at 2:03

Have you read this article

Basically create a checkbox and add it to the "Calculating Fields" fieldset on the SBQQ__Quote__c object.

Update this field and it will force the records to calculate.

  • While this will trigger recalculation, it doesn't refresh prices from the price book. – Daniel Hoechst Sep 18 '19 at 1:56

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