when I try to convert to a list I get an error

 public class updateExchangeRates {

        public class cls_rate {
            public rates rates;
            public String base;
            public Date date_x;
        public class rates {
            public Decimal CAD;
            public Decimal EUR;
            public Decimal USD;

        public class exchangeRateList {
            public List<Exchange_Rate__c> cls_rate;

        public void getExchangeRatesList(){
            Http http = new Http();
            HttpRequest request = new HttpRequest();
            HttpResponse response = http.send(request);
            // If the request is successful, parse the JSON response.
            //cls_rate rat = new cls_rate();
            if (response.getStatusCode() == 200) {

                List<Exchange_Rate__c> exchangeList = (exchangeRateList) System.JSON.deserialize(response.getBody().replace('"date":', '"date_x":'), exchangeRateList.class);     

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    That's because the JSON itself is not a list structure... it's a map structure ({} rather than []). If you want to make a list out of this, you will need to do some of your own conversion by deserializing it into a map structure first and then looping through the values of the map. Sep 17 '19 at 19:22
  • Why not use this that will generate APEX bean for you?adminbooster.com/tool/json2apex Sep 17 '19 at 20:02
  • I would use this JSON2Apex website to generate a JSON parsing class. And then, I would use a Map to extract the necessary [Key, values] and then easy to extract the necessary values to be my list. Refer this post.
    – Arnold Jr.
    Sep 17 '19 at 20:04

Worth putting JSON through e.g. https://jsonformatter.curiousconcept.com/ so the structure is clearer:


Given the date strings used as property names (and no arrays are involved as Bryan says and https://json2apex.herokuapp.com/ doesn't AFAIK handle varying property names), probably easiest to walk through the maps in your code:

class Rate {
    String date;
    Decimal cad;
    Decimal eur;
    Decimal usd;

Rate[] rates = new Rate[] {};

Map<String, Object> rootMap = (Map<String, Object>) JSON.deserializeUntyped(jsonString);
Map<String, Object> ratesMap = (Map<String, Object>) rootMap.get('rates');
for (String date : ratesMap.keySet() {

    Map<String, Object> rateMap = (Map<String, Object>) ratesMap.get(date);

    Rate rate = new Rate();
    rate.date = date;
    rate.cad = (Decimal) rateMap.get('CAD');
    rate.eur = (Decimal) rateMap.get('EUR');
    rate.usd = (Decimal) rateMap.get('USD');

  • I learnt something new from this answer., i.e., JSONFormatter. You are the best, Keith!
    – Arnold Jr.
    Sep 18 '19 at 14:31

The JSON being returned is not in a list


Therefore you cannot cast it as a list

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