When using for a checkbox field in lightning-record-edit-form, the field can only be saved once. Other fields can be changed and saved more than once. NOTE: a custom checkbox field on Contact was used in the testing.


Steps To Reproduce: Add a lightning-input-field for a checkbox field in lightning-record-edit-form for the above recordEditFormDynamicContact component.

For example, I have custom field on Contact called MarketablePerson__c.


Test saving the contact record by changing the checkbox field and clicking the Save button. Don't refresh the page. Just verify the results with a SOQL query. Change the field again, click the Save button and verify the field was not saved.

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I opened a support case this morning and discussed the problem with them. A little while later the problem seems to have been fixed.

Maybe it had something to do with the support case but yesterday, I did post the problem on Github and (obviously) this question on Stack Exchange. Somebody must have been listening.

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