When using tracking code JavaScript for an older Pardot we have set up, upon page load, I get the following cookies added to my browser session:

  • visitor_id12345-hash = {big hexidecimal number}
  • visitor_id12345 = {small decimal number}

But when I replace the piAId and the piCId values in the JavaScript embedded in my page with the new values from the tracking script sample that came straight out of my new Pardot org, I get this:

  • pi_opt_in56789 = false
  • visitor_id56789 = {NULL VALUE}

I get this result with the JavaScript straight out of my new Pardot org (which is different than our legacy Pardot's snippet).

I also get this result with, as described above, the legacy JavaScript with just 2 ID values replaced.

Just to ensure it wasn't something wrong with the surrounding context, I also tried the legacy JS itself (with my other Pardot's piAId & piCId values). That worked fine, so the surrounding "hello world" HTML page doesn't seem to be the problem.

I feel like there must be some setting within the brand new Pardot org itself that's making the JavaScript that talks to it refuse to issue visitor ID values.

Has anyone else run into, and solved, this problem?

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