I have a Journey in Marketing Cloud that is creating records in an object in the Sales & Service Cloud from data stored in an SFMC Data Extension. That object has a long text field that I sometimes have to use and I would like to be able to pass things across to make the long text field more readable.

I have tried something like the following code when inserting records to the Journey but this did not display as hoped in the Salesforce Object.

Concat("Example: ", @field1, "<br>", "Example: ", @field2, "<br><br>")

Is it possible to do anything like this?


Instead of using HTML, you should use newline and carriage return:

Concat("Example: ", @field1, "\r\n", "Example: ", @field2, "\r\n")
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    Since he wanted a double linebreak it should be Concat("Example: ", @field1, "\r\n", "Example: ", @field2, "\r\n\r\n") details Lukas, details ;) – Johannes Schapdick Sep 17 '19 at 7:45

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