In my account have 1 million subscribers are available, i want to delete ALL Subscribers, From Email > subscribers > all subscribers (here i have 1 million) subscribers how to delete all subscribers.


You need to create a list in your parent Business Unit: Email Studio > Subscribers > Lists

Then import the subscribers you want to delete into this list.

Then, delete this list and check the box to delete the Subscribers from All Subscribers.

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Are you sure you just want to delete all subscribers? There are few reasons why I will recommend you using the Contact Deletion Framework:

  1. Deleting from All Subscribers will not necessarily remove the subscriber from billable contacts. And it will still count towards your utilisation.
  2. Sendable data extensions might also contain traces of these contacts, posing a risk from PII/GDPR respective
  3. Removing from All Subscribers list will still keep the tracking data in your account, which may include PII

Contact Deletion Framework will of course, as well, remove the subscriber data from All Subscribers

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