Please let me know how to add downward arrow symbol to the Lightning:help text. i know that i need to add something to the attribute 'iconName' in the below code,but what???

<lightning:helptext content="{!v.text}" iconName="utility:info" class="popover"/>

you can get all slds lightning icons SLDS icons.

You can enter icon Names with following condition

iconType:iconName, Makesusre iconType is in lowercase. Example iconName = 'standard:account'

So I add down icon in your code

<lightning:helptext content="{!v.text}" iconName="utility:down" class="popover"/>
  • yeah ...i think i got your point ,it was given in that link only,its utility:chevrondown ,i have to write. – vineet Sep 16 at 12:28

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