private static void validateBeforeUpdateLockDown(Map<Id,Med_Question_Section_Mapper__c> newMQSecMapperMap, List<Med_Question_Section_Mapper__c> oldMQSecMapperList) {
    for(Med_Question_Section_Mapper__c cObject : oldMQSecMapperList) {
        Med_Question_Section__c parent = [SELECT External_Id__c, Transaction_ID__c FROM Med_Question_Section__c WHERE ID =: cObject.Med_Question_Section__c];
        String errorMsg = trip_ValidationService.validateLockDown(parent.External_Id__c, parent.Transaction_ID__c)
  • Can you please confirm newMQSecMapperMap and oldMQSecMapperList will have same Ids? – manish porwal Sep 13 at 11:40
  • yes manish these are IDs – Kid Sep 13 at 11:44

Following Changes i did in your code

  • Create a separate Set<ID> of ids to store cObject.Med_Question_Section__c
  • Write SOQL to get the records using a set of Ids.
  • Create a map to store Ids, with record Map<Id,Med_Question_Section__c> mapOfIdToRecord = new Map<Id,Med_Question_Section__c>();
  • At the last for loop you will get the record from Map.

Set<Id> setOfIds = new Set<Id>();

    for(Med_Question_Section_Mapper__c cObject : oldMQSecMapperList) {

    Map<Id,Med_Question_Section__c> mapOfIdToRecord = new Map<Id,Med_Question_Section__c>();

    for(Med_Question_Section__c parent = [SELECT Id,External_Id__c, Transaction_ID__c FROM Med_Question_Section__c WHERE ID =: cObject.Med_Question_Section__c]){

    for(Med_Question_Section_Mapper__c obj : oldMQSecMapperList){
        Med_Question_Section__c parent = mapOfIdToRecord.get(obj.Med_Question_Section__c);
  • thanks Sarvesh this is helpful. – Kid Sep 13 at 11:50
  • If this answer solved the question, please mark the answer solved to close the question. thanks! – Sarvesh Sep 13 at 11:53
  • @sarveshkumar Begging for votes and accepted answers is considered very rude. – Derek F Sep 13 at 13:42

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