How can I have quote lines auto populated based on quote record type?

I have 6 record types and each requires specific part numbers to be added to the quote e.g. 1 Purchase record type requires Capital product, Service Product and Consumables e.g. 2 Rental record type, only lists the rental fee part number

I am not experience with triggers, is there any other way to create this type of child records?


Are you experienced with code at all? It seems to me like triggers would be the only way to do this automatically.

There is some code available on developer force which could be utilised to help clone a quote with it's children. You could use that along with some 'template' quotes (I don't mean quote templates, the layouts for actual quotes) and then clone instead of creating new ones each time.


You could design a flow to create the new quote record and create the children records. You'd still have to use a little code to redirect the visualforce page to the new record after it was created (example here: https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/ForumsMain?id=906F000000097pVIAQ) but it is probably less code than writing triggers.

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