I have a Knowledge Article Type = AT1 and Data Category = DC1, DC2 and DC3 and Topics T1 and T2. I am trying to retrive Knowledge Article Version in apex class which contains Article Type AT1 and Data Category = (DC1 or DC2 or DC3) and which has assigned to topics T1 or T2.

I am able to retrieve individual tables, but unable to put everything together to get the whole result. can anyone please help me with this? Salesforce is not allowing to use DataCategoryName in filter criteria.

Data Category : (here I am able to retrieve Article Type and Data categories)

SELECT Id,ParentId,DataCategoryName FROM KA__DataCategorySelection

Topic Assignment:

SELECT id, name, (SELECT id,EntityId,EntityType FROM TopicAssignments) FROM Topic where Id='TP1' or Id='TP2'

Knowledge Article Version:

select  Id,Title,KnowledgeArticleId from KA__kav WHERE PublishStatus='Online'

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