I am trying to change set a big object from my developer sandbox to a full sandbox.

I have seen here in the dev notes that it can be done via the metadata api. But nothing about changesets.

So I attempted this and got the error

Indexes required. Custom Big Objects without indexes aren't allowed.

I included the index field and all other fields on the object in the changeset.

Anyone got a helpful article on this. I havent found much besides the afore mentioned dev notes.

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You cannot deploy Big Objects using Change Sets. Anything that can be deployed using Change Sets is documented at Components Available in Change Sets. Anything that you don't see there is not supported.

The only available option that is available as of today is using Metadata API.

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Yes, you can deploy big objects using Change sets, you just need to find the index in "view/add dependencies"

enter image description here

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    This is the correct answer. Custom big objects (as they are called in the Metadata API) are just a very special kind of custom object and listed among these when adding components to change sets. Their indexes are to be found via their dependencies. It appears like a bug that indexes of big objects are not listed along with the other ones. Commented Jul 1, 2021 at 17:07

Elivelton has the correct answer, to add more: I had to click View/Add Dependencies, then use that painfull navigation to reach for the Custom Index AND the Custom Fields for the big object. Then the change set works.

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