While preparing for DEV450 I got below question in one of the sample test

What is the data type returned by the following SOSL search? [FIND 'Acme*' IN NAME FIELDS RETURNING Account, Opportunity];

A - List<List<Account>,List<Opportunity>>
B- Maps<sObject,sObject>
C- Map<Id,sObject>
D- List<List<sObject>>

My asnwer was D but answer provided by test was B, can someone please explain whats the correct answer?


You can confirm that it is D by running:

Object o = [FIND 'Acme*' IN NAME FIELDS RETURNING Account, Opportunity];
System.assert(o instanceOf List<List<SObject>>);
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The documentation states that the return type is List<List<SObject>>, so (D) would technically be the correct answer. (B) is definitely not the correct answer, as there is no data type called Maps.

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