When my controller returns null in a pageReference method, I lose my friendlyURL.


global without sharing class URLRewriter implements Site.UrlRewriter {

    global PageReference mapRequestUrl(PageReference myOriginalUrl){
        String url = myOriginalUrl.getUrl();
        String name;
        system.debug('Orginal URL is: '+url);
            name = 'PBS_AAAP_Help';
        } else if(url.equalsignorecase('/RSAP/Help?Type=lop')){
            name = 'PBS_AAAP_Help?Type=lop';
        } else if(url.equalsIgnoreCase('/RSAP/UserRegistration')) {
            name = 'PBS_AAAP_UserRegistration';
        } else if(url.equalsIgnoreCase('/RSAP/userprofile?Type=lop')){
            name = 'PBS_AAAP_UserProfile?Type=lop';
        } else if(url.equalsIgnoreCase('/RSAP/UserProfile')) {
            name = '/PBS_AAAP_UserProfile';
        } else if(url.startsWithIgnoreCase('/AAAP/LOP_offerform1364')) {
            name = url.remove('/AAAP');
        } else if(url.startsWithIgnoreCase('/AAAP/LOP_offerform1217')) {
            name = url.remove('/AAAP');
        } else if(url.startsWithIgnoreCase('/AAAP/') && !url.contains('PBS_AAAP_')){
            name = url.remove('/AAAP/');
            name = '/PBS_AAAP_'+name;
        } else if (url.startsWithIgnoreCase('/RSAP/')){
            name = url.remove('/RSAP/');
            name = 'PBS_LOP_'+name;
        }  else {
            name = url;
        system.debug('Final name is: '+name);
        PageReference pr = new PageReference(name);
        system.debug('PageReference is: '+name);
        return pr;
    global List<PageReference> generateUrlFor(List<PageReference> mySalesforceUrls){
        return mySalesforceUrls;

When this piece of code executes:

if (offerattachment.PBS_AAAP_Attachment_Type__c == null) {
            ApexPages.addMessage(new ApexPages.Message(ApexPages.severity.ERROR, 'Attachment Type is required.'));
            return null;  

it shows the error, but I lose my friendly URL. If I handle the URL explicitly in the rewriter class, then I lose the error msg. Is there any way I can show the error without losing the friendly URL?

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Just closing the loop here.. I ended up using jQuery to detect unfriendly URLs and make them friendly on the page.

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