I have 2 objects: Object A and District_Stats__c. There are 4 useful fields in District_Stats__c: District_Num__c, Month__c, Year__c, District_Rev__c.

In Object A, I have District_Num__c, Month__c and Year__c along with other fields.

Is there a way to create a formula or a lookup field which would map the District_Rev__c from District table to Object A? Thanks..


If you're happy creating a lookup from an Object A record to District_Stats__c then you can just use a formula along the lines of:


Where Distrit_Stas__r is the relationship name of the lookup field. Given that you have year month etc. on Object Ait sounds like this solution would work.

If however, you didn't want a lookup for some reason you could create a corresponding field on Object A and populate that with a trigger before insert/update based the values of the other fields.


YOu can create a lookup field in the object A which looks up to the District_stats__c object. Once that is done, then you could create a formula field in the object A with formula District_stats__c.District_Rev__c, this field will reflect the value that is in the district_stats__c records which is added as a lookup.

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