I have a released 2nd generation managed package (2gp). Mainly developed with API v44. Now (summer '19). Now I can no longer push the source to fresh scratch orgs. When I try, all my custom objects fail with

Cannot modify managed object: entity=CustomEntityDefinition, component=01I1X0000006xaa, state=MANAGED_RELEASED, Field: OptionsFlag OptionBit: OptionsFlagEnableLicensing Previous Value: false New Value: null

(notice it's failing on false-->null... not the other way around)

I've tried adding the following to my object metadata files (a tag that is not documented but had been included in exported metadata since API 45.0):


and updated sfdx-project.json sourceApiVersion to 46.0. This had no effect.

I'm not trying to change the licensing setting of the object... just work with the project.

Any inputs are highly appreciated

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