I have a carousel image component and when user clicks on the image, it should open the associated url in new tab. Currently the lightning:carouselImage "href" opens url in same window.

I am trying to call onClick action from image to open url in new window, but unable to succeed in it. In the below I replaced href = "{!l.imgUrl__c}" with href = "{!c.onClick}" and trying to pass imgUrl__c value to onClick function in controller. I tried to see the value in console log but nothing is coming for var urlval.


<lightning:carousel disableAutoScroll="false">
                    <aura:iteration items="{!v.recordList}" var="l">
                        <lightning:carouselImage src = "{!l.image__c}" 
                        header = "{!l.Header}" description = "{!l.Description}" 
                        alternativeText = "{!l.AlterText}" onClick = "{!c.onClick}">

Component Controller:

onClick: function(component, event, helper){
var urlval = component.get("v.cards")[index].imgUrl__c;
window.open(urlval, '_blank');

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You should use onclick and not href for this purpose. You can use below:

<lightning:carouselImage src = "{!l.image__c}" 
                    header = "{!l.Header}" description = "{!l.Description}" 
                    alternativeText = "{!l.AlterText}" onclick="{!c.onClick}">
  • Thank you for your response I used "onclick" as you suggested but still no result :( When checked in console log "v.recordList" is coming as null in onClick function.
    – Learner111
    Sep 5, 2019 at 13:42
  • The answer I gave is for solving open a url in new tab. You should post new question if you are not getting v.recordList. Also, pls mark the answer solved if solved - refer to meta.stackexchange.com/questions/5234/… Sep 5, 2019 at 15:29

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