Customer is using Email2Case, configured to store email attachments as Files (Content Document/Version/Link). They specifically will allow agents to delete these files, as they get many unneeded attachments (logo images, etc). However, they would like to have a record when something is deleted. Is there any way to configure Case Feed (or History Tracking) to record when a linked File is deleted?

If not with config, could I do it in code? I could trigger on delete of the ContentDocumentLink to know the file was removed from the case, but what would I create/insert to show the deletion in the feed?

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You can write trigger on ContentDocument in which you need to get reference to ContentDocumentLink as it will have the information - with which objects that document has been shared with. Using the links, you can post the feed - using object FeedItem.

trigger ContentDocTrigger on ContentDocument (before delete) {

    if(Trigger.operationType==System.TriggerOperation.BEFORE_DELETE) {
        List<ContentDocumentLink> links = [SELECT Id, LinkedEntityId, ContentDocumentId, ContentDocument.Title 
                                           FROM ContentDocumentLink
                                           WHERE ContentDocumentId=:Trigger.oldMap.keySet()];
        System.debug('links => '+links);
        List<FeedItem> feeds = new List<FeedItem>();
        for(ContentDocumentLink cdl : links) {
            if(cdl.LinkedEntityId.getSObjectType()==Case.SObjectType) {
                feeds.add(new FeedItem(
                    Body='File: <b>'+cdl.ContentDocument.Title+'</b> has been deleted',
        System.debug('feeds => '+feeds);
        if(feeds.size()>0) insert feeds;


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