I would like to implement a tracking pixel in all my emails, I plan to do this by injecting the pixel in the Account level footer. One of the parameters in my pixel is campaign, which I would like to be populated an individual email basis.

Would setting up Web Analytics Connector parameters be available as a personalisation string in my Account footer? If yes, what happens if no value is provided, will the value be blank or will the email fail?

  • are you talking about the additional email attributes you set up for each email? – Gortonington Sep 4 '19 at 16:14
  • Yes, the additional email attributes, my understanding is they come from the Web Analytics setup. – Deployment Failure Sep 4 '19 at 16:15

You can use the personalization strings associated with the AdditionalEmailAttribute you want.

enter image description here

so for instance, if the 'campaign' was stored in Attribute 4, you could have the following in your pixel URL - http://mypixel.com/pixel2?campaign=%%__AdditionalEmailAttribute4%%

If this value is empty, it will provide an empty string in your URL.

If you want to set a default value, you can change the url to something like ?campaign=%%=v(@campaign)=%% and set campaign via IF EMPTY(__AdditionalEmailAttribute4) THEN set @campaign = "myDefaultValue" ELSE SET @campaign = __AdditionalEmailAttribute4 ENDIF

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