We need to make a callout to an external system. The external system uses a self-generated certificate to verify the caller. So is it possible to upload a certificate into Salesforce for this purpose?

The only two places I can recall is connected app JWT bearer token and two-way SSL. But since this is a callout to a third party system I don't think either of this should apply. Currently we are uploading it as a document or static resource and read the file as string. But is there a better solution for this?

  • @identigral I am not asking for using a SF signed cert or CA signed cert. – Lance Shi Sep 3 '19 at 2:37

For callouts that need to implement mutual auth in SSL (aka 2-way SSL) with your own, self-signed cert:

  1. Drop your cert + private key into a JKS keystore and import it via Certificate and Key Management admin UI. Even though JKS supports a cert-only entry, that won't work here. SF will only import a JKS with one or more entry of type PrivateKeyEntry. The PrivateKeyEntry is a public/private keypair item.
  2. Use the cert in an Apex callout: Apex callout with a client certificate
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