I'm getting this error: FATAL_ERROR|Internal Salesforce.com Error. Based on the flags that I put on the code, the error happens when I'm trying to update a (large) list of records that I previously query. I think it's a time of process/memory issue because I get the error always after 10 minutes and when I run the code a second time, it works fine (I guess the data is cached). (All this is happening in a before insert trigger of a different object) What do you guys think? Maybe creating a batch class will solve this problem?

Thank you!! (and sorry for my english)


If you are trying to update them one by one you will run into the Salesforce governor limit for DML operations which is limited to 150.

If you use collections you can update them more efficiently and the limits might be sufficient.

It's always helpful to include an example in your post if you need more detailed advice.

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