I'm trying to clone an Opportunity at before update event of Opportunity. But it throws me error,

Opportunity SyncedQuote field is read only within a trigger

    for(Opportunity oppoFull :listOpp){
        if (!setOppId.contains(oppoFull.Id))
        if (oppoFull.clone__c){
           Opportunity oppoCopy = oppoFull.clone(false,true);


    insert listClonedOpps;

I assumed it's because Opportunity's Synced Quote,

and tried setting oppoCopy.SyncedQuoteId = null;

Not resolved, not sure why this field is READ-ONLY only in trigger, Saw people have done similar triggers with @future methods. Any help on workarounds to resolve it? without an asynchronous method?

Really appreciate any tips, thoughts on this. Thanks!


Got it resolved with following workaround.

Created below 2 methods,

private static String populateOppSelectAllFields(Map<String, Schema.SObjectField> fldObjMap) {
        List<Schema.SObjectField> fldObjMapValues = fldObjMap.values();
        String theQuery = 'SELECT ';
        for(Schema.SObjectField s : fldObjMapValues) {
            if (s.getDescribe().getName()=='SyncedQuoteId')

            if (s.getDescribe().isCreateable()) {
                String theName = s.getDescribe().getName();
                theQuery += theName + ',';
        return theQuery.subString(0, theQuery.length() - 1);

    private static Opportunity cloneOpp(Opportunity opp){
        Opportunity newOpp = new Opportunity();

        Map<String,Object> fieldsMap = opp.getPopulatedFieldsAsMap();

        for(String fld :fieldsMap.keyset()){
            newOpp.put(fld, fieldsMap.get(fld));

        newOpp.Id = null;
        return newOpp;

In Trigger handler code,

Map<String, Schema.SObjectField> fldObjMap = schema.SObjectType.Opportunity.fields.getMap();

        String query = populateOppSelectAllFields(fldObjMap) + ' FROM Opportunity WHERE Id  IN :setOppId ';
        List<Opportunity> listOpp2Clone = Database.query(query);
        Map<Id, Opportunity> mapOpp2Clone = new Map<Id, Opportunity>(listOpp2Clone);

for(Opportunity opp :listOpp){
   Opportunity oppoCopy =  cloneOpp(mapOpp2Clone.get(opp.Id));

insert listClonedOpps;

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