In lead object Feilds called Industry,So seleted Industry Feild On Banking Then get error How to do this through Validation Rule

  • Can you elaborate in detail as in what is your requirement ? Also, what have you tried and what is the issue you are facing ? – Vijay Ganji Aug 30 at 9:29
  • we Do not accept lead from banking I try this rule----------------AND( ISPICKVAL(Industry_c,'Banking'), ) – RAJ CHATTERJEE Aug 30 at 9:42
  • Unless you clarify your exact requirement, community won't be able to help you out. Please edit your question to include all the relevant details and the issue you are facing. – Vijay Ganji Aug 30 at 10:12
  • You need to complete the Salesforce Trailhead tutorials such as this one – David Cheng Sep 2 at 1:01

"Industry" is a built-in field for the Lead object, so you don't need the "__c" in the field name in your validation rule (and note when you do need it, there are two underscores). The "__c" is used to indicate custom (not built-in) additions your organization has made to Salesforce. So in your case, a validation rule of simply ISPICKVAL(Industry, "Banking") should work to block use of that industry.

If you are going to do that, you can also consider simply de-activating the "Banking" picklist option in Setup > Object Manager > Lead > Fields & Relationships > Industry. That way it is never presented as a choice.

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