I'm using exact target to send out an email. I have two data extensions in exact target called DEAllMembers and DESpecialMembers. Both data extensions have a field called email_address.

When crafting my email, I have a paragraph of text that I want show ONLY if the user's email address is in BOTH DEAllMembers and DESpecialMembers. I would like to use AMPScript to satisfy this objective. Is this possible? If so, how do I go about doing it?


This definitely possible. You would use a conditional statement as described in the documentation

%%[IF expression1 <comparison operator> expression2 THEN]%%
    [wrapped script or email content]
%%[ELSEIF expression1 <comparison operator> expression3 THEN]%%
    [wrapped script or email content]
    [wrapped script or email content]

In your particular case you will also need a DataExtension AMPScript function as well.

Lookup("DEAllMembers","email_address","email_address", emailaddr)
Lookup("DESpecialMembers","email_address","email_address", emailaddr)

Your final AMP script would look something like this -

    SET @all    Lookup("DEAllMembers","email_address","email_address", emailaddr)
    SET @special    Lookup("DESpecialMembers","email_address","email_address", emailaddr)

    IF EMPTY(@all) AND EMPTY(@special) THEN

<p>Your content here</p>


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