I have run SFDX: Create Project with Manifest and then successfully ran SFDX: Authorize an Org to connect it with my sandbox. Here is a part of my package.xml


Try as a might, right clicking on the package.xml and selecting SFDC: Retrieve Source in Manifest from Org does not fetch me the standard objects like Account, Opportunity etc though I see all Custom Objects are downloaded perfectly in my local system (all 50-60 of them).

I ran now SFDX: Refresh SObject Definitions but to no avail. I can not see Standard Objects in my local folder.

I could try to remove the wildcard from the package however then I have to type all the custom objects and standard object names. I would do it only if I am sure it is the last option as there are so many of them. Any help will be appreciated, thanks!

Add: I checked similar issue faced by user which is yet unsolved:


I have VS Code 1.37.1

  • I have VSC 1.37.1 Aug 27, 2019 at 8:39

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From the Documentation it is supposed to behave like that.

The wildcard symbol does not apply to all metadata types. For example, using the wildcard with the CustomObject type name will not retrieve standard objects. To retrieve a standard object, you must explicitly name the object in package.xml. Likewise, if you want to retrieve custom fields defined on standard objects, you must name the object and field.

So, you need to specify by names for getting standard objects.


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