I want to display number of open cases on Contact highlights panel. I used lightning app builder for it. Here I have renamed Contact object as Member. I inserted the field 'Open Cases' in compact layout, but the title 'Open Cases' does not appear (as shown in first image). Just the number of open cases is displayed. Later I inserted two fields (Name and Closed Cases) and now the title appears (as shown in second image). Is there any way I could display Open cases along with title without displaying the name on the highlights panel? Any help is appreciated.

In this image, I do not get title 'Open Cases'

In this image, I get title 'Open Cases'

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Firstly, what you are trying to get is label and not title. Title is something which comes as pop-up near mouse pointer when you place mouse on a field for more than like 2 sec (or 3sec appx.)

As a standard, you will get the object label in top of highlights panel - below which you can place 5 fields (for which labels are also displayed). But, you cannot show the label of the field in 1st row.

So, you can name it as Open Cases instead of Member to get the label of object - but I think this is totally undesirable.

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