I am using the following AMPscript:

SET @c10 = RowCount(LookupRows(@De1,@band,@value10))

to retrieve and set the count of the number of rows in a DE. I have now run into an issue where I need to count and display the number of rows which is greater than 2000 rows. Is there a workaround for counting rows greater than 2000?


The DataExtensionRowCount may help you. This will return the rowcount regardless of size.


If you are looking for a count of a specific subset of your DE, then you will need to look at using the LookupOrderedRows function.

%%=RowCount(LookupOrderedRows("Cars",50000,"Horsepower Desc","MPG",Field(@cardata,"MPG"))=%%

Given you don't know the number of rows in your DE put a number that is definitely bigger and will return only the number that matches your where clause.

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