I have to remove around 300 inactive flows from our Salesforce org, for this reason I would like to export the results of a query from the developer console to a csv or text. I'm unable to use Workbench since I'm working with the tooling API. Thanks!!

Results from the query

  • One other option, if you have sfdx installed, is to use its query function with the -t switch to use the Tooling API, eg: sfdx force:data:soql -t -q "SELECT Id, VersionNumber, Status FROM Flow WHERE Status NOT IN ('Active','Draft')" -r csv > results.csv – Thomas Taylor Aug 26 at 16:59

You can't export data from the Developer Console. You can, however, export data via workbench. Go to Utilities > Rest Explorer, and use the following URL:


This will return the information you're looking for in a way you can copy-paste in JSON format. You can then use some sort of tool or script to convert to a CSV file for further processing. You can also do this in Apex, and process the results with JSON.deserializeUntyped or JSON.deserialize.

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