trigger CaseApprover1 on Case (after update) {
    List<ProcessInstance> instances = [SELECT Id,TargetObjectId,(SELECT Id, StepStatus, Comments FROM Steps) 
                                       FROM ProcessInstance Where ProcessDefinitionId =:'04a7F000000HMpZQAW'];
    Set<String> objectIds = new Set<String>();
    for(ProcessInstance pi:instances){
    Map<Id,Case> csemap = new Map<Id,Case>([Select Comments__c from Case Where Id in:objectIds ]);
    for(ProcessInstance pi:instances){
        for (ProcessInstanceStep step : pi.Steps) {
            if(step.StepStatus == 'Approved') {
                csemap.get(pi.TargetObjectId).Comments__c = step.Comments;
            else if(step.StepStatus == 'Rejected'){
                csemap.get(pi.TargetObjectId).Comments__c = step.Comments;
    update csemap.values();

You are updating Case in update csemap.values(); which is again trigging the CaseApprover1 trigger.

And in the trigger Case is getting updated again.

This becomes endless.

You need to implement a mechanism to break this endless process.

You can you a static variable as a flag which can be set and you should check value for the same before calling update csemap.values();.

And another way

You can achieve this functionality by creating trigger for ProcessInstance and update the Case object there.

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