I have a file to insert Accounts ,but some fields like account name have values with special characters like 'ñ' ,and Im having this error "BLOB is not a valid UTF-8 string" when I execute this query:

StaticResource srObject = [select id,body 
from StaticResource Where Name = 'NewAccountInsert'];
String contents = srObject.body.toString();

Any thoughts?


It appears that your file, at the time of upload, was encoded in some other encoding - perhaps ISO Latin-1 or Codepage 1252. All strings in Salesforce are required to be encoded in valid UTF-8.

Converting encodings in Apex is not supported natively. Instead, convert the file at the point of origin to UTF-8 encoding and upload that version. This is possible in many spreadsheet applications, or you can use a programmer's editor like Visual Studio Code to convert the file to UTF-8.

  • It worked perfectly with Visual Studio Code,thanks! Aug 24 '19 at 0:21

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