I have created a Journey which uses Salesforce Data as my entry event. When I am setting up the Filter Criteria, some of my related objects are not shown.

All objects used are synced from Salesforce so my understanding is that the relationships are already configured, I have verified this in the Data Designer.

Any ideas why some related objects might not be shown?


A Quote from Eliot's data handbook, hope it helps:

Salesforce Objects use a different relationship model to Marketing Cloud. Objects can have multiple relationships with other Objects, whereas Contact Builder only supports a single relationship between Objects in an Attribute Group. When Objects are imported into Synchronized Data Extensions, field relationships are remapped using a predetermined priority based on, first, predefined standard Object relationships, then standard relationship fields (in alphabetical order), and finally, custom relationship fields (in alphabetical order).

See more here: ttps://www.getstride.com/datahandbook

  • Do you have any other documentation (preferably from Salesforce's help documentation) that back this up? This sounds plausible but I don't have access to that data handbook to confirm. – Deployment Failure Aug 27 '19 at 16:11
  • 1
    Try here: gofile.io/?c=lTqIwR – zuzannamj Aug 27 '19 at 16:41
  • @zuzannamj sorry, but what does this actually mean to OG question, as I'm facing the same issue? How can I be sure what object will be visible in Journey Builder? And if I can't see it does this mean I need to change a data relationship or do I need to forgo using the SF Data Entry and resort to the exhausting SQL Data Extension method instead? – Greg Beazley Jan 9 at 13:20

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