Here is the playground link to the code - https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/component-library/tools/playground/l_0ieW-Sm/17/edit

My use case is to show popover on hover for a specific column in a Data Table. Used Custom data types in Lightning Data Table for this but it is not working.

Need your suggestions to implement this.

Similar Stack Exchange Question - is there a way to use Popover for lighitng data table specific column?


You can check this Playground link

  • You should not really use slots in custom component. Instead you should be using @api properties so that data can be passed while declaring the columns .
  • Popover cannot really come out of the table cell (and float above table). This is because of overflow:hidden styling on parent elements which are standard - and there is nothing we can do .
  • The example is working fine - only that when you hover over the cell, the popover will increase the height of row to show itself.

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