I'm trying to filter a data extension where the information pulled in is equal to about any of about 1,000 customer IDs. Is there a way to mass filter a data extension based upon a single customer attribute? Could I write a query something to the effect of "Select * where CustomerID = 12345, or 123456, or 1234567?


What I would recommend is putting this list of IDs into another DE.

You then can create a query like so:

Select a.key, a.field1, a.field2
FROM [yourSourceDe] a
INNER JOIN [yourListDE] b
ON a.key = b.key

Basically what this will do is only grab the records that the 'key' exists in both places.

You can also adjust this to exclude all those in there with a slight modification:

Select a.key, a.field1, a.field2
FROM [yourSourceDe] a
LEFT JOIN [yourListDE] b
ON a.key = b.key

This will then only return the records that do not exist in your list DE - meaning all matching records are removed.

If the list is short, you can also do an 'IN':

Select key, field1, field2
FROM [yourSourceDe] 
WHERE key IN ('12345',6789',0123')

Your target DE in the query will now contained the correctly segmented records.

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