Every Customer has a CustomerID, sku, userID and sessionID I have two data extensions that I want to join so the CustomerID links with the sku, userID and sessionID

First (table name) sku(pk) userID sessionID

Second CustomerID(pk)

Is there any way I can join this two?

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    is there a common element outside the PKs? A sort of foreign key? Without a mapping of fields, there is nothing to connect dataset A to dataset B. So on second, is there a sku, userId or session id? Or some other shared field that is not listed – Gortonington Aug 22 at 14:39
  • I have another data extension with a sku. The problem is, when I join the sku from the first table with the sku from the other table I only get the records of one sku if that makes sense – Duicug Aug 22 at 15:06
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    It sounds like you need to do some data modeling based on the relationships in order to correctly combine these into a single table. Without access to how your data is modeled, it is hard for us to advise how to do it – Gortonington Aug 22 at 15:13

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