I'm receiving a String query with query params (via URL), and one is mandatory and seven are optional. So if i don't receive a param, shouldn't be included in the query.

For instance:

My code is:

List<customObject__c> lstCstObj = [SELECT customField1__c, customField2__c, customField3__c, customField4__c, customField5__c FROM customObject__c WHERE customField2__c =: strVar1 + strCondition];

The value of strVar1 is the result of:


The value of strSurname is:

String strSurname = String.valueOf(RestContext.request.params.get('surname'));

And that give us the value of The value of strCondition (here is the problem) wich is:

String strCondition = '';    
if(strSurname !=null){
   strCondition = strCondition + ' AND (customField3__c =\''+ strSurname+ '\' OR customField3__c =\'' + strSurname+ '\' OR customField3__c =\''+ strSurname+'\')';

So if i write that it works, but obviously i can't because it's not a fixed value, depends of the query param:

SELECT customField1__c, customField2__c, customField3__c FROM customObject__c WHERE customField2__c =: strVar1 AND (customField3__c ='Doe' OR customField4__c='Doe' OR customField5__c='Doe')

The log returns:

strCondition:  AND (customField3__c ='Doe' OR customField3__c ='Doe' OR customField3__c ='Doe')
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    Why is it obvious you can't? Nothing in your question is obvious. Is your code a string? Maybe put in the full line of code, rather than just snippets. I imagine you're trying to do dynamic SOQL with a standard SOQL query. – Nick Cook Aug 22 '19 at 7:48
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    customField2__c =: strVar1 + strCondition - its not clear what you are doing - this is neither string nor direct SOQL. Can you show some more relevant code? – salesforce-sas Aug 22 '19 at 8:04

The following syntax is not a dynamic query:

List<customObject__c> lstCstObj = [SELECT ... FROM ...];

What you need is a dynamic query. A dynamic query normally looks like:

String myQuery = 'SELECT ... FROM ...';
List<customObject__c> lstCstObj = Database.query(myQuery);

What you're after is probably something like:

// get the parameters
String strVar1 = String.valueOf(RestContext.request.params.get('name'));
String strSurname = String.valueOf(RestContext.request.params.get('surname'));

// create the query string
String myQuery = 'SELECT customField1__c, customField2__c, customField3__c, customField4__c, customField5__c FROM customObject__c WHERE customField2__c = :strVar1';

// add in the surname if it exists
    myQuery += ' AND (customField3__c = \'' + String.escapeSingleQuotes(strSurname) + '\' OR customField4__c = \'' + String.escapeSingleQuotes(strSurname) + '\' OR customField5__c = \'' + String.escapeSingleQuotes(strSurname) + '\')';

List<customObject__c> lstCstObj = Database.query(myQuery);
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  • Thanks Nick, except for: WHERE customField2__c = :strVar1'; that should be WHERE customField2__c =\' '+ strVar1 +'\' '; everything works perfect. Really appreciated. – Héctor Cervera Panella Aug 22 '19 at 9:39

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