Long story short, I want to share a Contact record with a User given certain criteria in an Apex trigger. One of the things I want to check is if the User is active because creating a ContactShare object pointing to an inactive User would throw an error. So I do the following in my code:

    for (Contact c : Contacts)
        system.debug('IsActive = ' + c.pse__Salesforce_User__r.isActive);
        //If this Contact's email also belongs to a User, AND that User is 
        //their Salesforce User Lookup, share this contact with the User.
        if(c.Email != null && userEmailMap.containsKey(c.Email) && (c.pse__Salesforce_User__c == userEmailMap.get(c.Email).ID) && (c.pse__Salesforce_User__r.isActive == TRUE)){

            ContactShare cs = new ContactShare(ContactID = c.ID, 
                                              UserorGroupId = userEmailMap.get(c.Email).ID, 
                                              ContactAccessLevel ='Read');


pse__Salesforce_User__r is a lookup to a User on the Contact. I was testing this code on a User that I am 100% sure is Active, (the 'Active' Checkbox is checked) so you'll have to take my word on that part. But that debug message shows IsActive = false. I have this issue on any User I try this with. Why is that IsActive field not accurate? Am I using the wrong field?


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    Where have you queried for the isActive field? Triggers don't by default include values for parent records. – Nick Cook Aug 21 '19 at 23:36

It appears that you've put Trigger.new into the Contacts variable. This is problematic, because relationship fields are not populated by default, and as it so happens, Boolean values default to a false value if you try to reference them without querying them. You can easily verify this behavior with this simple Execute Anonymous Script:

Contact c = new Contact();
System.debug(c.Owner.IsActive); // = false

The solution is the Aggregate-Query-Update pattern. Basically, you need to grab the records first:

// Aggregate Id values
Map<Id, User> users = new Map<Id, User>();
for(Contact c: Contacts) {
  users.put(c.pse__Salesforce_User__c, null);
// Query for parent records
users.putAll([SELECT Email, IsActive FROM User WHERE Id = :users.keySet()]);
// Do updates
ContactShare[] contactsToManuallyShare = new ContactShare[0];
for(Contact c: Contacts) {
  User u = users.get(c.pse__Salesforce_User__c);
  if(u != null && c.Email == u.Email && u.IsActive) {
      new ContactShare(ContactId = c.Id, UserOrGroupId = u.Id, ContactAccessLevel = 'Read')
insert contactsToManuallyShare;
  • Thank you, after requerying within my method directly the value was correct. I was totally unaware that was an issue. – user72219 Aug 22 '19 at 14:15

can you give a try with this

if(c.Email != null && userEmailMap.containsKey(c.Email) && (c.pse__Salesforce_User__c == userEmailMap.get(c.Email).ID) && (c.pse__Salesforce_User__r.isActive))

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