I am builiding an IOS mobile app ( native app ) which creates a Lead using the salesforce mobile SDK (IOS). I could not find an API to convert a lead to a contact like how you can do in Apex. Any one has any ideas on how to do this. Eventually i want to convert a Lead to a contact and create an task from the mobile app itself. Thanks in advance.



You can convert a lead through the SOAP API. Check out ZKSforce, an Objective-C wrapper around the SOAP API. I contributed some async block methods that make this very easy.


Write this code inside of leadConvert Func

    let leadConvertObj = ZKLeadConvert()
    leadConvertObj.leadId = leadId;
    leadConvertObj.convertedStatus = leadStatus;
    leadConvertObj.doNotCreateOpportunity = checkButton
    if !checkButton {
        leadConvertObj.opportunityName = self.opporchunityText.text
    if let _ = accointInfo {
        leadConvertObj.accountId = accointInfo!["Id"] as? String

    client?.performConvertLead([leadConvertObj], failBlock: { exp in
        let button2Alert: UIAlertView = UIAlertView(title: "Error", message: "Lead Status Picklist Values is not Converted",
            delegate: self, cancelButtonTitle: "Ok")
                    }, completeBlock: { success in

            let result = success.last as? ZKLeadConvertResult
            print(result?.accountId )
            print(result?.contactId )
            print(result?.opportunityId )
            print(result?.leadId )

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