Is it normal that the emails from Marketing Cloud are sent by a domain like : bounce.mycompanydomain.com ?

The "bounce" is quite confusing.

Is there something specific about bounce domain ?

  • Sounds like you're sending from a subdomain. When sending out of an ESP, you provision a Sender Authentication Package in which you provide a sending domain which is more typically a subdomain. – Tom Callahan Aug 21 '19 at 12:57
  • As integrator, it seems that all the SFMC platforms on which we work send emails with a "mailed-by : bounce.companysenderdomain" (it is not the "From", but the "Mailed-by" that we can see on the "To me" details in an email received in Gmail). I was just wondering if it was "normal" or if it is a specific configuration. – Ludivine L Aug 21 '19 at 14:04
  • Because the Sender Authentication Domain configured on their org is the "companysenderdomain" part. – Ludivine L Aug 21 '19 at 14:11

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