I have a requirement in which users should not get any emails for 2 months once they exit journey. In journey settings we have used "re-enter only after exiting the journey". Is there a way we can achieve this?

Thanks R

  • do you mean ANY emails - User Initiated, send wizard, triggered, journey, etc? Or just they should not be entered into any further journeys for 2 months? – Gortonington Aug 21 '19 at 13:59

It depends on how you are injecting your users into the journey. There are many Entry Source options.

For your requirement, without knowing the journey purpose or goal, the one that I can think of is Data Extension entry. I would develop a SQL Query activity and filter out the users who have been in the journey mentioned in the last two months.

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This could be done in multiple ways depending on your use case and potential change to your journey logic. Some of the solutions you can use are these :

  • Use the "re-enter only after exiting the journey" combined with a wait activity that would keep your contacts in the Journey for 2 months.
  • Implemant an "Update Contact" activity with the {{Contact.Key}} data binding that would log your contacts into a "Journey History" Data extension with a 2 month data retention period of time and then using in your journey entry a filter (or a decision split) that would check if contacts have already entered the journey in the last 2 months
  • Using the same solution as idea number 2, but this time using an SQL to exclude contact in your "Journey History" Data Extension.

And as I said, the solution you would choose must be a best fit to your Campaign logic.

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