I was trying to concat a date in a URL with a specific format, but I need to add 1 day to the date that already exist in data extension.

VAR @sd, @formatSd, @date_plus1

set @sd = AttributeValue("fecha_salida")

set @formatSd = FormatDate(@sd, "dd/MM/yy")

at this point the script works, but when I try to use the function DateAdd like this it is not working:

set @date_plus1 = Format(DateAdd(@sd, "1", "D"), "dd/MM/yy")

What I'm doing wrong? I'm working in cloudpages


Try to do it in a different order, like in the example below - first the DateAdd, then Format:

VAR @futureDate, @today 
SET @today = Now(1) 
SET @futureDate = DateAdd(@today, 11, "D") 
Date: %%=Format(@futureDate, "MMMM d, yyyy")=%%

Your updated script should also work, so check if the date field is set to 'Date' data type in your Data Extension:

set @sd = AttributeValue('Date')
set @date_plus1 = Format(DateAdd(@sd, "1", "D"), "dd/MM/yy")

@sd: %%=v(@sd)=%%
@date_plus1: %%=v(@date_plus1)=%%

It resolves to:

@sd: 8/21/2019 12:00:00 AM
@date_plus1: 22/08/19

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  • Thank you @CodeRage. I am trying with this and take me to an error 500, but when I use “Now” value, it works code set @date_plus1 = Format(DateAdd(Now(true), "1", "D"), "dd/MM/yy") code I also need to concat data in an URL, I’m trying with set @link = Concat(@url,@date_plus1,@utm) I have already checked the field type and it is correct. Before I was using FormatDate with no problem to achieve the correct format for the URL, set @formatSd = FormatDate(@sd, "dd/MM/yy") but now I need to add 1 day to that date – Fernando Aug 21 '19 at 17:14
  • Most likely you get the 500 because you’re not passing a paremeter correctly. You need to test against a subscriber, and if you are querying “fecha_salida” it needs to be passed correctly to the CloudPage. – zuzannamj Aug 21 '19 at 17:17
  • Thanks, I've test an email with subscriber data an it works – Fernando Aug 21 '19 at 17:29

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