We can easily get the name of Impression Region using the %%_ImpressionRegionName%% Personalisation String. This works fine for Impression Regions defined with Ampscript or with Dynamic Content. However, if a link is placed in a regular content block, is there a way of identifying the name of this block? The Personalisation String list does not provide any examples for this use case.

I need to provide context in which a link is clicked, preferably dynamically - to be used in Web Analytics Connector. I know, that I can provide this information in %%linkname%% - but being able to fetch the content block name would be beneficial (also for other use cases)

  • looking at the GA360 parameters its using %%_contentAssetID%% so unsure if you can add that to your WAC string to populate, it doesn't validate in an email though – EazyE Aug 20 at 21:04
  • %%_contentAssetID%% isn't event being parsed, and shows with %% in the URL. Quite strange – Lukas Lunow Aug 21 at 6:13

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