I am attempting to export data using the FORCE:DATA:TREE:EXPORT CLI command, using a nested query like the following (for use in our Scratch-Orgs):

SELECT ...,(SELECT ... FROM My_Custom_Object__r) FROM Account WHERE ...

No matter what I try, I just keep getting errors. My question is two fold:

  1. Can this sort of nested query even be performed across __r relationships where there is no explicit foreign key field (field that would otherwise have an '@Ref' value), using the FORCE:DATA:TREE:EXPORT CLI command?

  2. If this is possible, how would an example of the nested query look for a __r relationship?


Look in Setup at the field on My_Custom_Object__c that is a Lookup or Master-Detail to Account. Under Master-Detail Options (or Lookup Options), find the Child Relationship Name. This is what gets suffixed with __r in a parent-to-child query. In this screenshot, the relationship name is Business_Lines:

enter image description here

So a parent-child query would look like:

SELECT Id, Name, (SELECT Id, Name FROM Business_Lines__r) FROM Account WHERE Name LIKE 'A%'

If the field in your example was created with defaults, then the relationship name is probably My_Custom_Objects and the query would be:

SELECT ...,(SELECT ... FROM My_Custom_Objects__r) FROM Account WHERE ...

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