I have both MC and SC connected together using the MC Connector. I have noticed a data inconsistency issue when creating an automation to update Email Addresses in my All Subscribers list.

When I the _subscribers data view for a Subscriber, I get exampleemail@mail.com, using the same subscriber key when I search for it manually via Email Studio > Subscribers > All Subscribers > Search via sub key the email address is address2@mail.com.

I've searched for the Contact in Contact Builder, searching by the Contact Key (Subscriber Key) returns TWO records, both of which have the same Contact ID (not sure if this is a UI bug or an unrelated data issue) but I checked both records as they have email address2@mail.com.

So I'm not sure why only _subscribers returns a different email address. Can anyone advise?

  • the _subscriber data view should match 'All subs' it should not match anything with contact builder/ all contacts – EazyE Aug 19 '19 at 18:12
  • But that’s the problem, it doesn’t which is what I’m trying to figure out. – Deployment Failure Aug 19 '19 at 21:58

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