Here's my setup

  • I create a new Dev Org.
  • I did made Contacts Private internally and externally.
  • I went in the Community Settings and set Number of partner roles to 3
  • I enabled Partner Relationship Management.
  • I created a community and shared it with all users with the Partner Community User profile.
  • I created an Account and enabled it as Partner.
  • I made a contact and enabled a Partner user (Partner Community User Profile, [AccountName] Partner Executive role). Lets call him PartnerExecutive.
  • I made a contact and enabled a Partner user (Partner Community User Profile, [AccountName] Partner User role). Lets call him PartnerUser.
  • I logged in as PartnerUser and created a Contact. I filled the Last Name field only.
  • I logged in as PartnerExecutive and went to see all Contacts.

What I expected: PartnerExecutive should see PartnerUser's contact, since PartnerUser reports to him in the hierarchy.

What happened: PartnerExecutive does not see PartnerUser's contact.

I tried with a Case object and it worked as expected (PartnerExecutive sees all PartnerUser owned Cases, with the object set as Private Externally and Internally) Am I missing something here?

Thank you!

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Based on your description, it appears that the "missing" Contact is not associated with an Account. Contacts without Accounts are treated as private:

A contact that isn’t linked to an account is always private, regardless of your organization’s sharing model. Only the owner of the contact and administrators can view it. Sharing rules and workflow rules don’t apply to private contacts. If your organization uses divisions, private contacts always belong to the global division.

Emphasis mine. To see the sharing rules applied, associate the Contact with an Account.

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