I would like to create a Developer Edition Org from Full.

I haven't been able to find anything online for this, maybe I'm just bad at searching.

Is it possible? Is a specific license needed?


I quickly tried doing so. UAT is our full copy sandbox

When I try to use sandbox clone functionality, it gives me Not enough license warning.

So to answer as of now, no you can't do that.


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It is absolutely not possible to create a Developer Edition Org from any Sandbox. Developer Edition Orgs are standalone instances not related to or based upon anything except the Salesforce-managed org template.

If you're talking about sandbox cloning, and want to create a new Developer or Developer Pro Sandbox, you can't do that from a Full Sandbox. Per the docs, you can only clone a Sandbox to the same sandbox license type:

A cloned sandbox uses the same license type as its source org. For example, to clone a Full sandbox you must have a Full sandbox license available.

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