I am currently trying to figure out how to elicit an object relationship tree from Salesforce, so I can export test data to use in my Scratch-Orgs. Basically what I want to do is poll to produce a data structure via Apex or other some other means that defines all related sObjects types for each sObject type, and the respective field(s) used to traverse many-to-one/one-to-many (or both) for each relationship. Any ideas on how best to achieve this?

  • What tool are you proposing to use to export the data? Salesforce's object model is not a directed acyclic graph, and features like polymorphic lookups make this problem very hard to solve in the fully general case.
    – David Reed
    Aug 15, 2019 at 15:56

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Your best option migt be the pilot of MetadataComponentDependency REST resource in Tooling API. Read the linked doc and the associated Trailblazer group for more info.


Looked around for bits and pieces and put the following together:

global with sharing class ObjectRelApi  {

global static void GetSchemaInfo() {

    // Defaulting
    Map<String,Map<String,String>> objectRelationships = new Map<String,Map<String,String>>();
    Map<String,List<String>> objectFields = new Map<String,List<String>>();
    Map<String,Object> finalMap = new Map<String,Object>();

    // Collect all objects
    Map<String, SObjectType> allSObjectTypes = Schema.getGlobalDescribe();

    // Each object type
    for (string key : allSObjectTypes.keySet()) {

        // Defaulting
        Map<String,String> fieldChildMap = new Map<String,String>();
        List<String> fieldNames = new List<String>();

        // Obtain child schema details
        string objectTypeName = allSObjectTypes.get(key).getDescribe().getName();
        List<ChildRelationship> childRelationships = allSObjectTypes.get(key).getDescribe().getChildRelationships();            

        // Each child relationship
        for (ChildRelationship thisChildRelationship : childRelationships) {

            // Record childhood entry
            string accrossFieldName = thisChildRelationship.getField().getDescribe().getName();
            string forChildObjectTypeName = thisChildRelationship.getChildSObject().getDescribe().getName();
            fieldChildMap.put(accrossFieldName, forChildObjectTypeName);


        // Append result
        objectRelationships.put(objectTypeName, fieldChildMap); 

        // Object field schema details          
        Map<String, Schema.SobjectField> fieldMap = allSObjectTypes.get(key).getDescribe().fields.getMap();

        // Each field
        for (string fieldKey : fieldMap.keySet()) {

            // Record field entry


        // Append result
        objectFields.put(objectTypeName, fieldNames);

    // Add to final map
    finalMap.put('FieldSet', objectFields);
    finalMap.put('RelationshipSet', objectRelationships);

    // Return result
    RestContext.response.responseBody = Blob.valueOf(JSON.serializePretty(finalMap));


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