REGEX( {!Phone} , "((^[?+\+\s]|^[\d]?)([\s\-\.]?)([\d]{1,3})([\s\-\.\(]*)([\d]{3})([\s\-\.\)]*)([\d]{3})([\s\-\.]*)([\d]{4})$)" )

Phone (Screen Component) - The formula expression is invalid: Syntax error

What is wrong here? I copy paste ((^[?+\+\s]|^[\d]?)([\s\-\.]?)([\d]{1,3})([\s\-\.\(]*)([\d]{3})([\s\-\.\)]*)([\d]{3})([\s\-\.]*)([\d]{4})$) in regex checker and it seems ok, but in salesforce syntax error?


You have to escape your backslashes. Anywhere you have one backslash (\), replace it with two (\\).

  • REGEX( {!Phone} , "((^[?+\\+\\s]|^[\\d]?)([\\s\\-\\.]?)([\\d]{1,3})([\\s\\-\\.\\(]*)([\\d]{3})([\\s\\-\\.\\)]*)([\\d]{3})([\\s\\-\\.]*)([\\d]{4})$)" ) As you mention I replace all \ with \\ and it worked. thank you. – SFDX TubeCube Aug 14 '19 at 22:24

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