Inside Setup->Object Manager,
I have created 2 custom tables (Driver__c and Vin__c) I went into my Driver__c table, created a new Lookup(Account) field and set a Filter that links Driver__c.PartyRoleId__c (Number) to Account.PartyRoleId__c(number). I did the same thing in my Vin__c table.

When I open up an Account (Lightening Page, click on Account Tab) I am not getting any data back from these tables. I verified that the Account.PartyRoleId__c data is the same as the custom tables (PartyRoleId = 11321)

My Goal is when a user views an Account, that in the 'Related' Tab the Driver and Vin section will show data where PartyRoleId matches.

Can someone shed some light as to why the data wouldn't come up since the data in the fields should match?

Any additional data needed please let me know.

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