More specifically, I want every new SFDX project to include a ".scripts/" directory, populated with pre-written scripts (for deployments, data transformation, whatever).

Another use-case could be pre-set data-load scripts and files.

How do I do that? Mod some config files? Add a JavaScript or PowerShell On-Load/On-Complete hook?

  • So now there is a ./scripts directory created by default in sfdx projects.. nice. To populate it, i think i'll just write a powershell function and invoke it manually from within the project after creating it, to add the scripts I want. – Kirill Yunussov Jun 6 at 19:11

There is a promising -t TEMPLATE parameter to the sfdx force:project:create command, but it only supports two pre-defined values, standard and empty. There doesn't seem to be a way to build and pass custom templates.

I think it would be simplest to wrap the sfdx command in a shell script that passes parameters through and then does the additional work you want to do. You could also explore creating a CLI plugin.

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