My requirement is to put an asterisk before a lightning-input-field in my LWC. So I tried below code :-

Earlier :-

<lightning-input-field field-name='AccountId'></lightning-input-field>

Now :-

<abbr title="required" class="slds-required">*</abbr>
<label class="slds-form-element__label" style="margin-right: 0.5rem;">Account Name</label>
<lightning-helptext class="customIcon" content={fieldsInfo.AccountId.inlineHelpText}></lightning-helptext>
<lightning-input-field field-name='AccountId' variant="label-hidden"></lightning-input-field>

But the issue I am facing is - variant="label-hidden" hides the label but not the default help text and hence i see two help text.

Before :- enter image description here

Now:- enter image description here

And If I don't use my custom help text then label and default help text comes in 2 lines. enter image description here


If you are using lightning-input-field and you are not working with a standard field, you can use the field definition to control if it is required or not:

To persist requiredness on a field, select the Required checkbox when defining the custom field in Setup. A required field is displayed with a red asterisk next to the field label. An error message is displayed below a required field if you try to submit the form before entering a value.

Source: Documentation

If you have a standard field, you can simple add the red asterisk like you are doing. I would still have a the lightning-input-field handle the label and help text, so don't use the label-hidden variant.
You should probably handle some input validation in your javascript, unless you merely want the cosmetic part of the red asterisk.

Try this:

<abbr title="required" class="slds-required">*</abbr>
<lightning-input-field field-name="AccountId"></lightning-input-field>
  • But in this case Account Name is a standard field on Order object which can not be edited for required checkbox. – arpit gupta Aug 13 '19 at 12:18
  • I tried that too but then asterisk and lightning-input-field comes in 2 different lines. – arpit gupta Aug 13 '19 at 18:24

Adding the required attribute doesn't works?

<lightning-input-field required field-name="AccountId"></lightning-input-field>

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